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Here are some step by step instructions for learning how to use your Hyrel 3D Printer.

Before You Get Started

Unboxing Your Printer:

  1. PDF: Quick Start Instructions
  2. Yt.png Unboxing Video

Please complete the steps above before printing.

BASIC Printing: One STL, One Head

First Training Session

Overview, Tramming, Printing with Emulsifiables

  1. PDF: First Training Session
  2. Yt.png Session 1A: Hardware and Software Overview Video
  3. Yt.png Session 1B: Communications and Tramming Video
  4. Yt.png Session 1C: Setting Z-Zero and Emulsifiable Print Video

Additional Emulsifiable Videos

  1. Yt.png EMO Series Printing Tips
  2. Overview of Cold and Warm Flow Print Heads:
    1. Yt.png Overview of the EMO and COD Heads
    2. Yt.png Overview of the SDS and CSD Heads
    3. Yt.png Overview of the VOL and VCD Heads
    4. Yt.png Overview of the KRA and KCD Heads
    5. Yt.png Overview of the SMH-2 Head
  3. Loading Cold and Warm Flow Print Heads:
    1. Yt.png Loading the EMO-25
    2. Yt.png More Loading the EMO-25
    3. Yt.png Loading the VCD Head
    4. Yt.png Loading the SDS Head
    5. Yt.png Loading the SDS Head with RTV
    6. Yt.png Loading and Printing with the EMO-25

Second Training Session

CAD Modeling, Positioning, and Printing with Filaments

  1. PDF: Second Training Session
  2. Yt.png Session 2A: Simple CAD Modeling in FreeCAD Video
  3. Yt.png Session 2B: Healing an STL in MeshLab Video
    1. PDF: Simple Healing with MeshLab
  4. Yt.png Session 2C: Positioning, Scaling, and Rotating your STL Video
  5. Yt.png Session 2D: Editing Slic3r Recipes Video
  6. Yt.png Session 2E: Slicing your STL and Viewing your GCODE Video
  7. Yt.png Session 2F: Loading and Printing with Filaments Video

Additional Filament Videos

  1. General MK Series:
    1. Yt.png MK Series Printing Tips
    2. Yt.png Post Processing with a Heat Gun
    3. Yt.png Loading and Unloading Filament in the MK Series head
  2. MK1-250 Extruder for Standard Filaments:
    1. Yt.png Overview
    2. Yt.png Loading and Printing
  3. MK2-250 Extruder for Flexible Filaments:
    1. Yt.png Overview
    2. Yt.png Loading and Printing
  4. MK1-450 Extruder for High-Temperature Filaments:
    1. Yt.png Overview
    2. Yt.png Loading and Printing

Additional Basic Printing Instructions

  1. PDF: BASIC Printing Instructions
  2. Yt.png HotHead/HotBed 103 Controller Board LEDs Explained
  3. Yt.png Tramming your Bed: Systems and Engines, 2015 and later
  4. Yt.png Tramming your Bed: Earlier Systems and Engines

Please become skilled at BASIC Printing before moving to INTERMEDIATE Printing.

INTERMEDIATE Printing: One STL, Multiple Heads

  1. PDF: Intermediate Printing Instructions
  2. Yt.png Session 3A - Setting Two Heads to Z-Zero
    1. Yt.png Session 3A - Alternate Version
  3. Yt.png Session 3B - Calibrating the Offset Between Two Heads
    1. GCODE: Calibration Target
  4. Yt.png Session 3C - Slicing and Printing with Second Head Support
  5. Yt.png Session 3D - Clone or Parallel Printing

Please become skilled at INTERMEDIATE Printing before moving to ADVANCED Printing.

ADVANCED Printing: Multiple STLs, Multiple Heads

  1. Yt.png Session 4 - Advanced Slicing and Printing: Multiple STLs with Multiple Heads

Please refer to the videos below for instructions on Troubleshooting, Maintaining, and Tuning your Printer.

Other Accessory Overviews

Troubleshooting, Maintaining, and Tuning

  1. Yt.png Establishing Connectivity between PC and Printer:
  2. Yt.png Table Arm Block Adjustment for bed twist about the X or Y axes:
  3. Yt.png Replacing the Heated Build Platform:
  4. Yt.png NEW Tramming the heated build platform and setting Z-Zero:
  5. Yt.png Updating Slic3r Settings:
  6. Yt.png To replace your Tablet Interface Board; also to run from an external PC (start at 6:24):
  7. Yt.png Adjusting the X-Arm:
  8. Yt.png Tightening the X Belt:
  9. Yt.png Adjusting the Y-Arm:
  10. Yt.png Tightening the Y Belt:
  11. Yt.png Replacing your Power Supply
  12. Yt.png Replacing the heated build platform:
  13. Yt.png Replacing the 4A fuses (1206 package) on the yoke:
  14. Yt.png Updating the 103 HotHead / HotBed Controllers:
  15. Yt.png Replacing the 103 HotHead Controller:
  16. Yt.png Updating the 407 Motion Controller:
  17. Yt.png Changing the Print Head PCB:
  18. Yt.png Changing the Main I/O Board:
  19. Yt.png Configuring the USB-B to run from another coputer:
  20. Yt.png Assembling the new PEEK Fan Nozzle:

YouTube Directories

  1. Yt.png The Hyrel YouTube Channel:
  2. Yt.png Karl Gifford's YouTube Channel: