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The ESR is our leading unenclosed desktop printer.


Technical Data

Technical specifications and accessory compatibility for printers currently shipping are detailed in the comparison chart on the Printer Overview page.


  • The Engine was introduced during our 2012 Kickstarter campaign with five different configurations:
    • E1 Tinkerer: one filament head, no heated bed, no computer
    • E2 Hobbyist: one filament head, heated bed, no computer
    • E3 Apprentice: one filament head, heated bed, computer - this became the standard model after the Kickstarter
    • E4 Journeyman: two filament heads, heated bed, computer
    • E5 Professional: four filament heads, heated bed, computer
  • The ESR (Engine, Standard Resolution) name changed in 2016 to avoid confusion with the new EHR (Engine, High Resolution)
  • The ESR v2 is introduced equipped with better motors with closed-loop feedback and quieter operation. CE marked units are available upon request.


Here is an explanation of the internal electronics of the ESR; click any images for larger versions:

Tablet Interface Board

Tablet Interface Board (with STM407 Motion Controller) has Internal and External Ports.

The current board, circa 2021.


Spine Board

The Spine Board has Axis Control Internal and External Ports.

The new board, circa 2021.

Spine orig.jpg

The original board, most recent revision.

Spine orig.jpg