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Slicing describes the process of using specified parameters (recipes) to generate gcode to physically produce your model(s), layer by layer.

For other 3D Printers, this gcode tells the printer how much material to dispense on each printing move - this is the "E" value. However, since we generate flow commands on the fly for each printing move (as well as advance/retract for transitioning between printing and non-printing moves), we don't use this E value - please see the Flow_Rate page for more detail on this.

We also run our fans between 0 and 100%, not between 0 and 255, so know that the slicer will multiply your fan speed setting by 2.55; please set the recipe value between 0 and 39. We recommend (for plastics) fan off for five layers, then on at 10% (recipe = 25.5% in gcode) for the rest of the print.

We support the Slic3r program, which uses three recipes: Print, Printer, and Filament (or Extruder). Since we do not use these E values, our main purpose for using these recipes is as follows:

We use the Print recipe to configure the physical characteristics of the print - where to put material (and by inference, where not to put material). This includes specifying your path width (normally 110% of your nozzle diameter), your layer thickness (normally 25-75% of your nozzle diameter), your number of solid perimeters (top, bottom, and vertical), your infill pattern and density, support material (if desired), and printing speed.

We use the Filament recipe to configure heating and/or cooling of the print head(s) and the bed.

We use the Printer recipe to specify actions before and after tool changes, and before layer changes.

Please note that Slic3r generates support at 0.4mm thick, so for the best support with Slic3r on Hyrel, print with 0.4mm layers.

Slic3r Recipes Download button.png

This package contains current basic recipes for 0.5mm nozzles, 1.5mm nozzles, and 14# (1.6mm) nozzles, as of April, 2019.

The contents of the print, printer, and filament folders should be copied to C:\Users\Hyrel\AppData\Roaming\Slic3r\ in the print, printer, and filament folders, respectively.

Davo's recipe naming conventions:


0.5w, 0.1z, 30f, 35pct = .5mm noz, .1mm layers, 30mm/sec (1800mm/min) travel, 35% infill
0.5w, 0.2z, 30f, SpVase = .5mm noz, .2mm layers, 30mm/sec (1800mm/min) travel, spiral vase (no infill, no top, one perimeter)
1.5w, 0.5z, 20f, 35pct = 1.5mm noz, .5mm layers, 20mm/sec (1200mm/min) travel, 35% infill
14#w, 0.5z, 20f, SpVase = 14# (1.6mm) noz, .5mm layers, 20mm/sec (1200mm/min) travel, spiral vase (no infill, no top, one perimeter)
25#w, 0.2z, 10f, 50pct = 25# (.26mm) noz, .2mm layers, 10mm/sec (600mm/min) travel, 50% infill

PRINTER: heated head or not?

HeatedHead = for heated heads
UnheatedHead = for unheated heads



35°C, NoFan, NoBed = head at 35°C, no cooling, no bed heating
240°C, 25%Fan, 120°CBed = head at 240°C, fan at 25% (after layer 5), bed at 120°C

Cura Recipes Download button.png

Please note that infill and support should both be set to the same layer thickness.

Simplify3D Recipes Download button.png

Please note that infill and support should both be set to the same layer thickness.


Winrar can be downloaded from