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The EHR is our High Resolution unenclosed printer designed for bioprinting on the desktop or inside of a fume hood.


Technical Data

Technical specifications and accessory compatibility for printers currently shipping are detailed in the comparison chart on the Printer Overview page.


  • The EHR was introduced in 2016, equipped with precision ball screws in all axes. It is able to print in wellplates and fits in most fume hoods.
  • We introduced sub-ambient (chilled) beds and syringe heads specifically for the EHR in 2020.


Here is an explanation of the internal electronics of the EHR; click any images for larger versions:

Controls Compartment

The interior of the EHR holds the ATX Power Supply, the Tablet Interface Board, and the X, Y, and Z Axis controllers.


Tablet Interface Board

Tablet Interface Board (with STM407 Motion Controller) has Internal and External Ports.

The current board, circa 2021.

16A TIB 2021 L.jpg