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System Models

The System 23 was only offered during the KickStarter campaign. All backers were given the opportunity to upgrade to the System 30. This subsequently evolved into the System 30M, which is the only enclosed model offered as of January, 2016. Differences are detailed below:

System Model Comparison
Model System 23 System 30 System 30M
Heated Build Platform yes yes yes
Integrated PC
& Touchscreen
or TabletPC
yes yes yes
Maximum Active Heads 4 4 4
Overall Height 30 31 32
Overall Width 26 32 34
Overall Depth 17 17 17

Technical Data


  • The HotBed can be heated to any temperature up to 70°C by default, and up to 110°C if reconfigured.
  • The MK1-250 can be heated to 260°C (limited life); we recommend sustained use at 250°C or below. PLA, PET, ABS and Nylon work well at 225-230°C
  • The EMO-25 prints at room temperature
  • The VOL-25 can be heated to 100°C

For more details about each head, see the page for that head.


Our positional resolution is better than five microns in the X and Y (.0002”, or 2/10 of a mil or .2 mils), and better than half a micron in the Z (.0002”, or 2/100 of a mil or .02 mils)


Our positional accuracy is +/- 50 microns in the X and Y over an 8” travel area And +/- 20 microns in the Z over an 8” travel area


Our positional repeatability is about 25 microns in the X and Y (.001”, or 1 mil) And about 10 microns in the Z (.0004”, or 4/10 of a mil or 0.4 mils)

Layer Height

We have successfully printed in ABS with a 25µm (.025mm) layer height, but this is very time consuming.

  • We normally use a 200µm (.2mm) layer height with the .5mm nozzle on the MK-1 for 1.75mm filaments.
  • We normally use a 500 µm (.5mm) layer height with the #14 (1.6mm) Luer Needle on the EMO-25 or SDS heads for pasty extrudables.

Print Speed

The best print speed manageable (without sacrificing quality) is variable, and depends not only on the material being used and layer height, but also on how much mass is being moved in the X and Y. With Repetrel v3.0 and above, we normally print at up to 50mm/sec or 3000mm/min; earlier versions should not exceed 30mm/sec or 1800mm/min, as this is what the accel/decel rates are tuned for.

Please note that clays and gels often perform better at slower speeds.

Build Volume

Systems have a build volume of just over 200 x 200 x 200 mm.

Form Factor

See chart above; dimensions include the top-loading (System-23) or side-loading (System-30) filament areas.


  • Speed of travel (at slicing or in g-code editor)
  • Layer thickness (at slicing)
  • Volume of flow per unit distance (at slicing or in g-code editor)
  • Extruder temperature (at slicing, in g-code editor, or manually during build) (MK-1, VOL-25)
  • Cooling Fan speed (at slicing, in g-code editor, or manually during build (MK-1, QS-1)
  • HotBed Temperature (at slicing, in g-code editor, or manually during build)

Or, is tabular better?

Metric Units During Slicing In G-Code Editor GUI During Build
Speed of Travel mm/min yes yes no
Layer Thickness mm yes no no
Flow Rate nL/sec yes yes yes
Extruder Temperature °C yes yes yes
Fan Speed  % of max yes yes yes
HotBed °C yes yes yes