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Printer Settings

Last, you should (re)load your settings; there are several screens, detailed below.

To load a configuration file, do the following:

  1. Go to Setings > Printer.
  2. Click "Load Settings from File" (find your custom file, or the most recent one named for your model of printer)
  3. Make any customization you like
  4. Click "Flash Motion Settings"
  5. Click "Apply"
  6. Click "Save Settings To File" with your custom name, as a backup
  7. Click "OK"

Note that after flashing, or upon startup, you will be required to home the X and Y axes before other moves are allowed; on the EHR, you will also have to home the Z. This is so that the printer knows where you are and whether or not it is safe to move the amount you tell it to. If you unlock your motors or press the emergency stop button, you should home the X and Y axes again before making other movements (also Z on EHR).

While each printer is shipped with tested, verified settings, you are welcome to customize your unit. For example, a second yoke will reduce your max travel in the X; an auxiliary build plate may have smaller dimensions; tall Hydras will have more travel in the Z; and you will probably want to limit your travel if you've added a vise or chuck.


Example for 30M, ESR, EHR:

Sp p p.png

Example for 16A:

Sp p p 16a.png

Hardware Setup

Example for 30M, ESR:

Sp p hs 30m.png

Example for EHR:

Sp p hs ehr.png

Example for 16A:

Sp p hs 16a.png

Machine I/O

Example for 30M, ESR:

Sp p mio 30m.png

Example for EHR:

Sp p mio ehr.png

Example for 16A:

Sp p mio 16a.png

G54 Offsets

Default values all 0.

Tool Offsets

Default values all 0.


Default values all 0.


This page allows you to select rendering colors; you should also check the box for "show print grid" if you want it displayed by default:


Printer settings 3.png

I/O Pins


Sp p iop.png

Hardware Info


Sp p hi.png



Sp p probe.png

Ecosystem Apps

In Repetrel, go to the Programs tab, and double click in each text field, pointing the applications to their respective executable files under C:/EcosystemApps. See the table below for the proper locations. Note the new location for the Slic3r install; Slic3r Recipes (or Slic3r CFG files) should still be under C:\Users\Hyrel\AppData\Roaming\Slic3r.

EcosystemApps Locations
Program Name Executable Location
Slic3r EXE C:\EcosystemApps\Slic3r\slic3r.exe
Slic3r CFG C:\Users\Hyrel\AppData\Roaming\Slic3r
OpenSCAD C:\EcosystemApps\OpenSCAD\openscad.exe
FreeCAD C:\EcosystemApps\FreeCAD 0.15\bin\FreeCAD.exe
MeshLab C:\EcosystemApps\VCG\MeshLab\meshlab_32.exe
FlatCAM C:\EcosystemApps\FlatCAM\FlatCAM.exe
QCAD C:\EcosystemApps\QCAD\qcad.exe
TeamViewer C:\EcosystemApps\TeamViewer\Version9\TeamViewer.exe
InkScape C:\EcosystemApps\inkscape\inkscape.exe
GIMP C:\EcosystemApps\GIMP 2\bin\gimp-2.8.exe

Note that if your login ID is not "Hyrel", you'll need to adjust the location for the Slic3r cfg file appropriately. Remember to click APPLY when done to cause these settings to be applied.

Head Settings

For Filament-based heads, see the table(s) on our Hot_Flow page.

For Reservoir-based heads, see the table(s) on our Cold_and_Warm_Flow page.

Slicer Settings

For Slicer settings, see the Recipes page.