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We do encourage all users to be on the latest release. You are welcome to remain on older versions, but we will only be able to provide limited support (and no bug fixes) to older versions. Please consider upgrading to the latest version.

NOTE: Our environment is intended to be run by the HYREL user in the operating system, with FULL ADMINISTRATOR rights and privileges, on a windows device running in American English as the native language. If you vary from this, results may be unpredictable.

Please note that version 4 and above require a license key to operate - see Licensing for details.

Please note that you should ensure that your ST-Link is working before you attempt this upgrade.

Please note that if you cannot perform the upgrade yourself, we charge a $100 service fee to help.

Upgrade Overview

Please follow the instructions detailed on the Installation Overview page. This is also the order listed in the quick access menu on the left side of every page on this wiki.

In brief:
0. Overview
1. WinRAR
2. Ecosystem_Apps
3. Adobe_Reader
4. Repetrel (you are here now)
5. Drivers
6. Firmware
7. Settings
8. Recipes
9. Licensing

After you have completed steps 1-3, this page is step 4, the Repetrel download.

Current Version: 4.2.431

The current (as of 07 April 2021) is recommended for all users:

  • Repetrel Program 4.2.426
  • Motion Controller Firmware 4.200l (lower case L)
  • Head/Bed Firmware 103_4.050f

To find out what version of Repetrel Software you are on now:

Rep mc version info.png

Repetrel Download button.png

The Repetrel download includes the latest (see above) Repetrel software and firmware for your 407 (30M, ESR) or 429 (16A, EHR) Motion Controller, your 103 Print Head and Hot Bed Controllers, and controllers for the CO2 laser, 3-phase spindle tool, and extra axes. This install must be carried out per the instructions below, so that Repetrel and its dependent resources will be found in the expected locations.

Contact us if you are (or wish to be) a beta site for the next Repetrel release.

A video giving a quick overview is available at:

A video showing the actual upgrade process is available at:

On new (clean) installs, you MUST run Slic3r.exe BEFORE launching Repetrel. Exit the default settings too, then open the Preferences menu and configure Slic3r to run in expert mode, then exit.

  1. Download the file linked above (green button). This contains:
    1. Repetrel
    2. Motion Controller firmware
    3. 103 PH/HB and other Controller firmware (see Firmware for compatibilities)
  2. Extract the contents - actually drag the new repetrel folder to your desktop
  3. Rename previous C:/repetrel to C:/repetrel.old (or similar)
  4. Move your extracted repetrel directory to C:/repetrel

Software upgrade complete. Occasionally a user will have to point existing shortcuts to the new executible, C:/repetrel/bin/repetrel.exe

Click here to watch a video of the software upgrade process.

NOTE: Repetrel must be set to a rate of 38400 bps to connect to the motion controller!

This step is performed in this video:

4 > 4 Upgrade Only Download button.png

If you already have a Version 4 install, and just want to upgrade to the latest, then you don't need the entire Repetrel directory; rename your old bin directory to... bin.old, download the new bin directory linked above (green button), and put the new one under C:\repetrel\

Note, any upgrade should include upgrading your firmware, always on the motion controller and frequently on the accessories (heads and beds). See Firmware.


For version 3.083_K, please visit 3_Install.

After Repetrel

Please proceed to steps 5-8 to complete your install or upgrade.