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The Hydra 16A is our large format machine. Introduced in 2016, it features hard resolution (with encoder feedback) of 20 microns in the X and Y, and 0.8 microns in the Z in standard mode. In microstepping mode, we can achieve soft resolution of 4 microns in the X and Y. It comes standard with two tool positions, but can take additional yokes to handle more.

Hydra 16A.png

The base model has a range of 250mm in the Z, and can be equipped with the following (one is required):

  • Bed, Standard, Warm: 400x300mm, 120C
  • Bed, Standard, Hot: 400x300mm, 200C
  • Bed, Large, Warm: 600x400mm, 120C
  • Bed, Large, Hot: 600x444mm, 200C

In addition to the options available on most Hyrel printers, the Hydra 16A can also be equipped with:

  • The 40 Watt CO2 laser (~10,000nm wavelength)
  • The Pick-and-Place head with component tray
  • The Three-Phase Spindle Tool for light machining operations

Most technical specifications are detailed in the comparison chart on the main page.


  • Speed of travel (at slicing or in g-code editor)
  • Layer thickness (at slicing)
  • Volume of flow per unit distance (at slicing or in g-code editor)
  • Extruder temperature (at slicing, in g-code editor, or manually during build) (MK-1, VOL-25)
  • Cooling Fan speed (at slicing, in g-code editor, or manually during build (MK-1, QS-1)
  • HotBed Temperature (at slicing, in g-code editor, or manually during build)

Or, is tabular better?

Metric Units During Slicing In G-Code Editor GUI During Build
Speed of Travel mm/min yes yes no
Layer Thickness mm yes no no
Flow Rate nL/sec yes yes yes
Extruder Temperature °C yes yes yes
Fan Speed  % of max yes yes yes
HotBed °C yes yes yes