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A full Repetrel install may be done on any Windows 10 computer, and includes the following:


We compress our files with WinRAR. Get it from our WinRAR page.

Ecosystem Apps

This suite of software enables many of the features we use. Get it from our Ecosystem_Apps page.

Adobe Reader

We use Adobe Reader to display manuals within Repetrel. Get it from our Adobe_Reader page.


This is the software (and firmware) that runs our printers. Three versions are available, and while you may remain on older versions, we provide the best support for the most current version (v3 as of July, 2019):

Version 2

Our last Version 2 release, version 2.865, from July 2016, can still be downloaded from our version 2_Install page.

Version 3

Our last Version 3 release, version 3.083_K, from February 2019, can still be downloaded from our version 3_Install page.

Version 4

Our latest Version 4 release is currently only available to our beta sites. Contact us to be considered:

Please note that Version 4 requires a license. Contact us for details:


Our required OS drivers and C++ redistributables can be downloaded from our Drivers page.


The Firmware comes with the Repetrel download, but the instructions can be found on our Firmware page.


Repetrel must be configured for your device and environment; please follow the instructions on our Settings page.


Recipes for Slic3r, Cura, Simplify 3D and Prusa Slicer can be found on our Recipes page.