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Everyone is now encouraged to upgrade to version 3.083_K

We encourage older 3.x upgrades (from before September, 2018) to do a full install, since more than just the executables have been updated since the earliest (~3.07x) versions.

This page has instructions for installing the latest Repetrel software and associated applications, drivers, and environment (including new print head manuals) on a new Windows platform, or over an older install.

These steps should each be done in order, and run as administrator.

Install the latest Adobe Reader

Go to https://get.adobe.com/reader/ and install the latest version of Adobe Reader. Yes, you need to do this, as we have an embedded pdf viewer. Note that you can opt out of the other software Adobe will try to give you.

Install Repetrel Download button.png

This installs the current Repetrel directory, with Repetrel 3.083_G with firmware 3.083d for all models - the latest as of 02 Jan 2019.

Just uncompress the file and place it at C:.

Your path to Repetrel.exe should be: C:\Repetrel\bin\Repetrel.exe (capitalization may differ).

Entire Repetrel Directory: http://hyrel3d.net/downloads/repetrel/repetrel_3.083_K_dfu_3.083e.rar <- Choose this if you are upgrading from any version of Repetrel v3.07* or older.

Binaries only (bin directory): http://hyrel3d.net/downloads/repetrel/bin_repetrel_3.083_K_dfu_3.083e.rar <- Choose this if you are upgrading from any version of Repetrel v3.08* or newer.

New Manuals Only (Manuals directory): http://hyrel3d.net/downloads/repetrel/Manuals_Feb2019.rar

Flashing MC Firmware

Next, we will flash the Motion Controller firmware. NOT the extruder or hotbed firmware, which should be fine. See the Firmware page. As of 15 Feb 2019, Repetrel version 3.083_K and firmware (dfu) versions 3.083e is the latest.

Configure Settings

Within Repetrel, follow the instructions at Settings.

That should be all there is! Please let me know if you have any questions. -Davo