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As of January, 2019, we do encourage all users to be on the latest version 3 release. You are welcome to remain on version 2 (or even 1), but we will only be able to provide limited support (and no bug fixes) to older versions. Please consider upgrading to the latest version.

This page has instructions for installing the last version 2 configuration of the Repetrel software and associated applications, drivers, and environment on a new Windows platform, or over an older install.

Preliminary Steps

  • Save any files that you want to keep, especially gcode and stl files. Recipes will be saved.
  • This includes your Printer Settings file:
    • For a new install, ignore this.
    • For a 2>3 upgrade, ignore this.
    • For a 3>3 upgrade, go to Settings > Printer and save your configuration to a file with a name unique to your environment (example: Acme_Lab_West), so that we can easily find it later. Save a copy of this file to your desktop for now.

These steps should each be done in order, and run as administrator.

Updating Repetrel Download button.png

First, we will rename the old Repetrel directory, then download and install the new Repetrel directory:

  1. Exit Repetrel.
  2. Rename C:\Repetrel to C:\Repetrel_old
  3. Download the file (above) and save it on your C: drive. I recommend doing this from the Desktop, but you can also run it from the Downloads directory.
  4. Extract this archive with WinRAR. You can get WinRAR from http://www.win-rar.com/download.html
  5. Move your new Repetrel folder to C:\ so that you once again have C:\Repetrel.

Loading Drivers

If your environment already runs Repetrel, you need no new drivers.

Flashing Firmware

Next, we will flash the Motion Controller firmware. See the Firmware page.

Loading Settings

Version 2 doesn't have a special settings config file, so nothing to worry about here. Tweak settings if desired.