Hydra Prints and Cura settings

The large format, gantry versions. Formerly 16A/17A, now the Hydra 340/430/640/645.

Hydra Prints and Cura settings

Postby bravedonxiote » Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:27 pm

Just wanted to share a couple prints that I've been able to make with the Hydra recently. Quality wise I'd say they are pretty good especially considering their large size. Notable issues are vibrations (probably from the fact that I haven't lubricated the rails on my Hydra and it squeaks a bit) and some zits on the prints.

Recycler.jpg shows a picture of a safety enclosure for a grinder manually driven by a tractor steering wheel to grind up 3D prints for recycling using a Filabot EX2 recycler system. nursing_equipment.jpg shows a picture of part of a nursing teaching aid for trachea intubation. These were done using Cura 3.4 and some customized settings for the Hydra line.

Speaking of vibrations from lubrication (or lack thereof), anyone want to share what they lubricate their rails with on the Hydras? I've looked around and a lot of people use white lithium grease for lubrication on various printers but I was concerned that it might collect dust/gum up the rails over time. Anyone have any experience with this?

Also, FYI, I am on a mission to create the ideal Cura settings for the Hydra printers. I'm fairly close to getting exact ones dialed in but if anyone else would like to use Cura with these printers before I post them on the forum feel free to contact me at goldschmidtb@duq.edu and I'll provide you with what we currently use.
Recycler print to allow us to grind up old prints
recycler.jpg (981.29 KiB) Viewed 7778 times
Half of a shoulder/neck for a trachea simulator to be used as a nursing teaching aid
nursing_equipment.jpg (968.7 KiB) Viewed 7778 times
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